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ProfileLab V9

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ProfileLab V9

A Revolutionary Leap in Flatbed Machining

ProfileLab is software specifically designed for CNC machining. This application contains extensive 2D/3D toolpathing capabilities and functionality without the extensive learning curve.
ProfileLab will output to a wide range of flatbed machinery including routers, engravers, and CNC machines in HPGL, G-code or special formats. Powerful toolpathing capabilities make milling, drilling and cutting out parts easy. Efficient sorting maximizes the efficiency of your CNC device.

With a few simple steps you can engrave custom logos, and more sophisticated graphics or beveled letters.

Powerful Graphics Creation Tools

ProfileLab represents a revolutionary leap ahead in flatbed machining software. It provides previously unheard of ease of use and power, to get designs from your imagination to your machine tool with breathtaking efficiency.
More than just a machine tool control application, ProfileLab also includes powerful graphics creation, input, and editing tools. ProfileLab can easily import drawings and graphics from popular CAD / DTP type programs including AutoCAD™, CorelDRAW™, and Adobe Illustrator™. With ProfileLab, machine True Type or Adobe Type 1 fonts.

Take advantage of single line engraving fonts in the Professional Text Compose module. Scan in black and white artwork, vectorize, clean up, and apply machining paths using AccuScan. ProfileLab’s Advanced Nesting module efficiently nests parts, minimizing the amount of material required.

Steel Column Cut Vine Design

Steel Column Cut Basket Design

ProfileLab Packages

ProfileLab is the number one choice for all your flatbed machining needs. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the industry for years, ProfileLab has the perfect product to fit your needs.

ProfileLab 2D

ProfileLab 2D produces fast toolpath generation and drill functions with machining simulation for Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP.
  • Easily drill, mill or cut out parts.
  • Import DXF, EPS, AI, and many more file formats Online, male, female and hog / milling toolpaths
  • Lead-ins, lead-outs, bridges, block nest
  • Machining strategies can be saved for later use

ProfileLab 3D

With ProfileLab 3D, create and output 3D graphics and text quickly and easily.
  • Powerful toolpath algorithms generate Chiseled and Beveled graphics and text.
  • Multiple tool support allows for creating raised and flat-bottomed graphics and text.

ProfileLab 2D & 3D Comparison Chart

Compare features in the ProfileLab family of products.
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