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Vinyl Cutters

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Roland Vinyl Cutters have servo motors and optical eyes for contour cutting around images.

Roland Vinyl Cutters come with a standard printer driver, which means that you can cut from just about any software package (vector images and text).

It is very easy to cut vinyl letters and vector images these days. The cutter is just like a printer except the machine uses a blade. Simply place your roll of vinyl on the back of the stand, feed the vinyl through the back, line up the vinyl so it is straight and push the clamp lever down to hold it in position.  

When you do long runs it is always wise to feed out a couple of meters and feed it back in using the arrow keys on the vinyl cutter, this ensures that the roll is straight and not going to run off the tracks.

The blade in the machine has a plastic nose cone on it, this needs to be setup to ensure that you don't cut through the backing paper of the vinyl, it is a matter of turning the cone so only a little bit of the blade is sticking out.

You do also have a force setting on the machine that will allow you to add extra force for cutting thicker material (like sand blast media).

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