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Tekcel ENDURO Woodworking CNC Router

This machining system provides a turnkey solution for the ultimate output in cabinet making, shop fitting and furniture making applications. With optional add-ons, the Tekcel ENDURO Wood can be a complet emanufacturing cell. Providing a multibore head, HSD electro spindle, auto tool change, sheet loading and aligning, automatic labelling and cut part offload. The system uses nested based manufacturing, a standard for many woodworking manufacturers worldwide. Lowering production costs and increasing throughput by producing more product - out of less raw material - hands free.

Multibore Tooling System
Tekcel CNC Router has a nine position multibore drilling head convenient for work which involves a lot of drilling; For example shelf holes, construction pilot holes, drwer runner holes and the like. Having nine drilling heads at the ready can speed up production by eliminating the need for tool changes between drilling applications. By drilling multiple holes at one time and by reducing travel time around the table, Multibore machines are particularly popular in the cabinetmaking and shop fitting industries.

Available Processing Area Sizes
  • 2500mm x 1800mm
  • 3660mm x 1800mm

Standard Components
  • 240mm Z stroke
  • 140mm Gantry Clearance (Without Optional Scraper Arm)
  • 9 Drill Multibore Spindle
  • 9KW HSD Spindle (Auto Tool Change)
  • 750W Brushless AC Servo Motors and Drives (all 4 axes)
  • Ballscrew drive (all 4 axes)
  • Dual Drive Gantry (x axis)
  • Tool Length Sensor
  • Vacuum Dustfoot ( Both Multibore and Router)
  • ISO30 Tool Holder and ER32 Collets
  • Pedestal Controller with Optional Touchscreen
  • Pop-Up Tool Rack with 12 or 16 Tool Capacity
  • Tommotek GenIII Controller with Graphical User Interface
  • Sheet Registration Pop-Up Pins
  • Vaccuum Hold Down Table Top with 1 or 2 7.5KW Pumps

  • Dust Extractor with 5KW Pump
  • Scraper Arm for Offloading Cut Sheets
  • Labelling System
  • Flow Through Sheet Loader - Scraper Arm
  • ProfileLAB 2D (Nested Based manufacturing Models)

Tekcel ENDURO Wood CNC
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