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Engraving Module (Laser & Rotary)

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SignLab Engraving Module

Expand…. Laser and Rotary Engraving

Enhance your existing text composition and design tools with a series of engraver-specific production tools, fill routinmes and support for the latest as well as the most widely used legacy engravers being used today. Produce engraved signage, plaques, labels, etc. quickly and easily. Leverage extensive file format support including .DXF, EPS, .PDF, single line engraving fonts as well as efficiency tools such as optimized sort routines, sort/sequence jobs by color and instant tool path previews for all your engraving needs.

Engraving Features:

  • Support for most popularly used laser and rotary engravers routing tables on the market.
  • Processing speeds up to twice as fast as the competition
  • Automated fill routines include s-sweep, line sweep, spiral and island fills.
  • Apply multiple fill routines to a single job.
  • Powerful sorting options and reduce engraving time, and preview cutter diameter right on your screen.
  • Complete 3D functionality for your z axis engraver.
  • Create hand carved looking signs with our unique 3D cut path generator.
  • Auto Layout feature easily creates single and multi-line engraving plates.
  • Block and shape nesting.
  • Lasers engrave more efficiently using single line engraving fonts. Scan in and vectorize color, grayscale, and monochrome artwork.
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