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Garment Decorating Module

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SignLab Garment Decorating Module

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A complete stand-alone, signmaking-specific design station. Great for existing SignLab users if you want to add a design-only workstation to your shop or for signmakers currently using other software that may not be sign-specific. All of the bitmap/vector tools you need to create high-value, quality signage. Bring files from DesignPro into full-fledged SignLab packages that output to vinyl cutters or digital printers. Signmakers who don’t use SignLab but may be using RIP-only software to send jobs to their digital printers or print/cut devices, are able to leverage the design power within this package by simply exporting the completed file directly to their software RIP and then print or printing and cutting the file. SignLab DesignPro is loaded with all the text composition, design and layout tools you need in a single easy-to-use package.

Rhinestone Decorating This module also includes all of our widely used tools for rhinestone decoration, making it the most complete garment decorating package available today! The boundaries of garment decorating are expanding daily. Included within this module are leading edge features that unleashe the creative capabilities of garment decoration using rhinestones and other heat transferred decorations.

Garment Printing Features:

  • Most Garment printers supported
  • Advanced underbase (white ink) support for vibrant color printing on colored/dark garments
  • Print directly from Corel, Illustrator and PhotoShop
  • Queue-based printing with unlimited queues available
  • Template creation. Print same graphic to multiple type garments/accessories and specify exact location on garment easily (i.e. t-shirt pocket area).
  • Visual representation of all queues provided. Preview all jobs in queue quickly and easily prior to printing.
  • Rhinestone Decorating Features:
  • Rhinestone Decorating Features
  • Expand your creative expression with choice rhinestone fill routines. Patterns include; Line, Spiral, Center Line
  • Spiral, Random, Grid and Staggered Grid. Automated rhinestone placement ensures no overlap problems and exact placement.
  • Easy, visual custom adjustment of all rhinestone patterns by manual adjustment of individual rhinestone spacing at any given time following selection of overall pattern.
  • Select and apply different colors and sizes of rhinestones to your design at any time during the process.
  • Replace objects by rhinestones. Convert designs created in any other design applications into rhinestone patterns quickly and easily.
  • Realistic rhinestone preview that simulates your design as it will look following production.
  • Rhinestone element count and export information with every design.
  • Create design stencils on most popular vinyl cutters, engravers or laser etching systems.
  • Multi colored designs automatically sorted and stencils cut by color.
  • Mix and match printed images onto garments with rhinestones. Automated rhinestone outline creation around printed graphics.
  • Vectorization Wizard. Easy step by step process that converts bitmap images into crisp. Clean vectors.
  • Includes accurate centerline vectorization for quick application of rhinestone patterns.
  • Work easily with files created in other design applications. Includes quick short cut button that accepts files instantly from Corel Draw and .pdf support.
  • Dozens of special effect tools including outline shadow effects, fit text to any path or object and many, many others.
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