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Prytec Glitter Acrylic

Prytec Glitter Acrylic are translucent coloured acrylic sheets, with glitter flakes embedded in the acrylic. The sheets can be used and viewed from both sides. Both sides of the sheet have a smooth finish and look the same.

Prytec glitter acrylic sheets are 3mm thick.
Please note: slight variations in thickness of up to 1mm may occur with the PINK sheets. GOLD and SILVER sheets may vary up to 0.1mm.
Prytec Glitter Acrylic 600x300mm Sheets (Pack of 4)
Pack of 4 Glitter Acrylic sheets. (600mm x 300mm each)
$ 80.00(GST excl.)
Prytec glitter acrylics
Prytec mirrored acrylic mirror example
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