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Polysheet Distribution

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About Polysheet Distribution

Using a standardized approach to selecting suppliers and undertaking extensive product testing, Polydistribution is now able to deliver quality components from overseas manufacturing. “It was a long and hard road”, Michael said. “The product quality in China was not always up to standard, so we wanted to partner with the best. Partner with a company that is willing to go to the next level to be able to guarantee continuous quality production. The companies we partnered with are the ones that listen to our expertise and complied with our standards”.

* Currently Polysheet Distribution has only released their ABS Engraving Plastics.
* The Acrylic Sheets are expected to be released 2nd quarter 2016.
polysheet distribution
ABS Engraving Plastics
ABS Engraving Plastics

Acrylic Sheets / PMMA

Acrylic Sheets

PP Hollow Board

Fluted PP Board

PS Foam Board

PS Foam Board

PVC Foam Board

Foam Board
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