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Hardwood Ply


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Rowmark’s NEW Hardwood Collection, a line of all natural, quality constructed laserable wood substrates, meets a wide variety of application needs. From architectural, craft and artistry projects to awards and recognition pieces, custom gifts and promotional products.



Create an endless array of stunning hardwood products, including business cards, coasters, picture frames, catalog covers, wedding invitations, ornaments and more.



Rowmark’s Laserable Hardwoods are constructed of single-ply, high quality hardwood layers (or veneers) that are laminated together with their wood grains stacked at right angles to each other for added strength, stiffness and dimensional stability, forming a cohesive composite material. Cross-graining, or orienting wood grains at right angles to each other from layer to layer, reduces the tendency of wood to split, expand or shrink and ensures that the finished wood panel is consistently strong across both directions.



  • Free of open knots and natural voids
  • Requires less laser power for smooth, even cuts
  • 2- Sided substrate is not sealed or lacquered
  • Wood is procured from sustainable sources
  • Stain Rowmark’s natural hardwoods to your own desired finish
  • Durable, multiple layer construction - 5-Ply construction / superior dimensional stability / increased durability / Superior strength & stiffness
  • No loss of materials due to foreign materials or open voids



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