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ProfileLab 3D



Enhanced CNC Routing and Precision Machining for Wide Scale Manufacturing


ProfileLab offers easy to use 2D/3D CNC machining software with output to a wide range of flatbed machinery. Routers, engravers, CNC machines in HPGL, G-code, or special formats all work with advanced toolpaths to make milling, drilling, and creating products easy.

ProfileLab is software specifically designed for CNC machining. This application contains extensive 2D toolpathing capabilities and functionality without the extensive learning curve.

ProfileLab outputs to a wide range of flatbed machinery, including routers, engravers, and CNC machines in HPGL, G-code, or special formats. Powerful toolpathing capabilities make milling, drilling, and cutting out parts easy. Efficient sorting maximizes the efficiency of your CNC device.

With a few simple steps, you can engrave custom logos, and more sophisticated graphics or beveled letters.