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RD EngraveLab


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EngraveLab Version 10 Laser Ruida™ Edition


EngraveLab v10 Laser Ruida™ Edition bypasses the need to use any intermediary or third-party software applications and drives laser engravers using Ruida™ motion control systems DIRECTLY*. Far more efficient than using a limited functionality engraver driver, EngraveLab, provides complete design, file preparation and production tools for laser engravers all in a single software application. There is no need to learn and use other design applications not built specifically for the engraving workflow.

EngraveLab includes dozens of features that engravers rely upon on a daily basis including; highly detailed, amazing quality photo engraving in only a few steps, high-value 3D engraving features, as well as a host of time/material saving production tools such as advanced shape nesting, Badge-making and serialization (variable data), barcode production support and much more!


*currently supports the following Ruida™ motion controllers (Ruida™ RDC6334G-B Ruida™ RDLC644X, please call CADlink or your dealer for additional information)

Optimize Engraving Production and Increase Productivity


EngraveLab packages provide application-specific design and production tools not found in standard design packages or other limited function engraving software products.* 

*(not all features are included in each package)


Simplified, Unmatched Quality Photo Engraving


Convert photographs into beautiful, finely detailed laser engraved output on a variety of materials. No need to spend time on complex image preparation in other design applications, EngraveLab’s photo conversion tools get this done in seconds!


Advanced Shape Nesting


Maximize material savings by ganging up jobs produced on the same material. EngraveLab’s “True shape” nesting algorithm is the most efficient way in which to group engraved or cut jobs by their exact shape and dimensions.




Creating multiple copies of the same job but with text variations and/or serialization requirements has never been easier. The variable data support in the badges feature automates the design of name tags, door plates, badges and other similar type items. This feature can also be used for Braille signage.


Barcode support


Over 70 barcode types supported including QR and Data Matrix. Automate production and reduce margin for error. Ideal for high-volume or remote production.


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