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PLS- 1390 130W Laser Engraver and Cutter

Prytec Solutions Pty Ltd

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130w Laser Engraver and Cutter that can help you customise and individualize your business offerings!


PLS- 1390 is a 130w Laser Engraver and Cutter that can cut and etch all sorts of materials including acrylics with ease, leaving you a beautiful polished finished edge, it can also etch text and graphics in high detail.

The 1300 mm x 900 mm working area is ideal for medium to large engraving and cutting jobs.

Our 130W Laser Tube has a 6000+ hour life span and is easy and cost effective to replace. No re-gassing and no hefty costs in replacement tubes.


Easy to Use


The PLS Laser System has been developed with keeping ease of use in mind. Plugged in via USB cable the unit has a basic controller on the machine to move the machine to the location required (if working with an off-cut). All our PLS Laser systems have an auto-focus feature, ensuring that you are at the right height all the time.

The automated air assist automatically opens and closes the air valve so you do not have to flick a switch.




The Prytec Laser Systems can handle a wide variety of materials. You can Engrave onto acrylic, anodised aluminum, metals*, wood, leather, paper, fabric and more. You can also cut materials like Acrylic, fabric, leather, stamp material, timber etc. The effects and creations are up to your imagination.


* A marking spray must be used to mark bare metals with a CO2 laser. 



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External dimensions 1850 mm W x 1480 mm D x 1050 mm H
Laser source 130W CO2 Laser Tube, Water-Cooled
Max Engrave Speed 1,000 mm/sec
Location Precision less than 0.01 mm
Scanning Precision up to 1000 dpi
Minimum Character Size 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm
Motors Brushless DC motors
Graphic File Types HPGL, PLT, BMP, DXF, AI and more...
Slope Engraving - For Rubber Stamps Yes
Warranty 2 years (excluding consumables)



EngraveLab Vectorization

And Engraving on Wood & Acrylic



Creating Badges

And Automated Serialization



EngraveLab Features including Nesting,

3D Engrave, Photo Laser and Vectorization



Laser Engraving

Cork Material



3D Laser Engraving on Maple



Prytec PLS Laser System Features



Cutting Plywood Mandala


Engrave & Cut Plywood, MDF and Tas Oak


Engrave & Cut Acrylic and 2-ply Plastics




  • Cleaning Swabs (Pack of 50)

    Laser Consumables
    4 in stock.
  • Laser Focal Lens 20mm Diameter

    Laser Consumables
    8 in stock.
  • Laser Mirror 25mm Diameter

    Laser Consumables
    10 in stock.
  • LaserBond 100

    Laser Consumables
    0 in stock.
  • Lens Removing Tool

    Laser Consumables
    8 in stock.
  • Two-Way Mirror

    Laser Consumables
    17 in stock.
  • 3 Jaw rotary Attachment

    1 in stock.
  • Advanced Fume Extraction

    3 in stock.
  • Air Compressor

    2 in stock.
  • Friction Style Rotary Attachment

    1 in stock.


Local Design, Local Know how and Local Support


Prytec Advanced Laser Systems are designed, wired and commissioned in Australia by our team of engineers. As a result, our team knows our lasers inside and out. Providing an excellent knowledge base for our customers, and a dynamic technical support team.

At Prytec, we strive to provide the best service and support. Our sales and support team with over 10 years of experience responds quickly and efficiently to your needs. All our Laser Systems are supplied with hands-on, on-site training, our aim is to bring new users up to the level of expert laser operators within a short time.

Remote support is available for all our customers. The Prytec support team is always just a phone call away!


Powerful CADLink EngraveLab Software included (RRP $1,760)



EngraveLab optimizes laser engraving workflows with all-inclusive, expert tool sets that essentially eliminate the need for multiple other software packages. It’s the ideal engraving software to maximize efficiency and profitability for businesses of all sizes. Users can rely on EngraveLab Laser for all projects start to finish.

Designs can easily be imported in various formats including   .ai, .dxf, .eps, .pdf, .stl and more.

EngraveLab includes many powerful expert tools including:

·         Photo Engrave: for easy editing and engraving of photographs in incredibly high detail.

·         Badges/serialization: for generating nameplates, badges, id plates, etc., and easily import data (names, titles, serials, etc.) from an excel or comma separated file, or auto serialize.

·         Nesting: Make the most of your material and reduce waste by letting the software nest all your shapes in the most efficient way. Reducing wastage and saving you money.

·         Barcodes: Easily create and serialize barcodes and QR codes.


Servo Motors on X and Y axis


Powerful, high quality servo motors guarantee high accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and a smoother finish. Capable of engraving at high speeds of up to 1,000mm/sec.


Inline red laser Pointer


The inline red laser pointer allows for simpler, faster and more accurate placement. Our new design 2 way mirror is enclosed in an accurately machined prism box, keeping dust out, extending the life of the mirrors and ensuring reliability.


Auto-Focus for Z Axis


An Integrated electro-mechanical auto-focus for easy setup of the Z axis. Simply move the laser head over your material and press the auto-focus button to set the motorised table to the correct height. As it uses an electro-mechanical system, the auto-focus works with any rigid material, including clear acrylic.

Autofocus on nozzle (Quick-change nozzles for different focal lengths) 


Interlocked door for safety


An interlock system stops the laser from firing with the door open.


Smart controller


Don’t lose your work due to power outages. If for any reason the machine is powered off during a job, it will prompt you to continue or cancel the job when it is next restarted.


Touch Screen Controller


Control the machine with ease from the Intuitive touch screen controller. Adjust speeds and power at the controller if needed.


Feed through slat table


Easy access table with feed through facility for accommodating longer sheets or items like surfboards, benchtops, larger signs, etc. The slat table eliminates need for honeycomb, minimizing ‘flashback’ on acrylics due to reduced points of contact.


2 Years Warranty


All Prytec Laser Systems are supplied with a full 2 years warranty, including parts* and labour. *Consumables like the laser tube, mirrors and lens are excluded.


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