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PLS- 1390 130W Laser Engraver and Cutter

Prytec Solutions Pty Ltd

from $ 28,044.50 GST Incl.


130w Laser Engraver and Cutter that can help you customise and individualize your business offerings!


PLS- 1390 is a 130w Laser Engraver and Cutter that can cut and etch all sorts of materials including acrylics with ease, leaving you a beautiful polished finished edge, it can also etch text and graphics in high detail.

The 1300 mm x 900 mm working area is ideal for medium to large engraving and cutting jobs.

Our 130W Laser Tube has a 6000+ hour life span and is easy and cost effective to replace. No re-gassing and no hefty costs in replacement tubes.


Easy to Use


The PLS Laser System has been developed with keeping ease of use in mind. Plugged in via USB cable the unit has a basic controller on the machine to move the machine to the location required (if working with an off-cut). All our PLS Laser systems have an auto-focus feature, ensuring that you are at the right height all the time.

The automated air assist automatically opens and closes the air valve so you do not have to flick a switch.




The Prytec Laser Systems can handle a wide variety of materials. You can Engrave onto acrylic, anodised aluminum, metals*, wood, leather, paper, fabric and more. You can also cut materials like Acrylic, fabric, leather, stamp material, timber etc. The effects and creations are up to your imagination.


* A marking spray must be used to mark bare metals with a CO2 laser. 



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