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PLS-F30M MOPA 30W Fibre Laser

Prytec Solutions Pty Ltd

from $ 29,694.50 GST Incl.

Rely on MOPA 30W Fibre Laser for a high quality, speedy, permanent and reliable metal marking solution!


PLS-F30M MOPA is a versatile, self contained, 30W MOPA Fibre Laser Marking system, ideal for most metals and some engineered plastics. Supplied with an ultra reliable fibre laser source with 100.000+ hours lifetime, low maintenance and no external cooling required. Using the NEW MOPA technology, several marking colors can be achieved including Black, Brown, Blue and Yellow.

Auto Focus facilitates faster setups, and the 200mm Standard lens gives an extended marking area of 200mm x 200mm

The Included, fully integrated Windows PC makes this unit a standalone solution that can be implentented virtually anywhere in your workflow.


Typical applications include the marking of:

  • Stainless parts 
  • Jewelry 
  • Electronic components
  • Engineering Hardware
  • Precision Instruments
  • Medical Equipment


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