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PLS-F1515 1KW to 6KW Fibre Laser System

Prytec Solutions Pty Ltd

from $ 137,500.00 GST Incl.

PLS-F1515 1KW/2KW Advanced Fibre Laser Cutting System

PLS-F1515 fully enclosed Fibre Laser Cutting Machine offers superior sheet metal cutting accuracy, greater precision, power, and speed than all its predecessors. Wide range of applications in metal processing, including: Mild Steel,Stainless Steel, Aluminum alloy etc.

Our PLS-F1515 with options to goto a 2kW Machine, we can customise to suit your requirements.

  • High Accuracy laser source with 1kW or 2kW power
  • Fast Servo Drive Motors with Helical Rack and Pinion
  • Superior edge quality plus high cutting speed
  • Fully enclosed protective cover with lifting door and safety interlocks
  • Drawer type working table
  • Automatic Exhausting system
  • High presicion, World Leading, Rack & Pinion Drive Technology and Gearbox
  • Advanced European dual processor CNC system for axial movement
  • Direct laser control with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
  • Automatic Gas Assist System
  • Windows driven control software with material parameter database.

PLEASE NOTE, Price does not include site costs, Installation or delivery from Port - Call for full quote for your requirements.

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