cast acrylic
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Cast Acrylic

Prytec Solutions Pty Ltd

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Available in a variety of colours, Prytec Cast Acrylics offer unlimited creative potential and are an excellent way to make your business stand out.

Main Features

  • Size (W x L): 600 mm x 1200 mm
  • Available Thickness:
    • 3 mm
    • 6 mm
    • 10 mm
  • Suitable for Laser Engraving & Cutting
  • Suitable for Traditional Engraving and CNC Router Cutting
  • Can be sawn and drilled
Clear (transparent) 3*600*1200 NO ADHESIVE PCA-CL3-1260
3*300*600 NO ADHESIVE PCA-CL3-6030
6*600*1200 NO ADHESIVE PCA-CL6-1260
6*300*600 NO ADHESIVE PCA-CL6-6030
10*600*1200 NO ADHESIVE PCA-CL10-1260
Opal 3*600*1200 NO ADHESIVE PCA-WH3-1260
3*600*1200 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-WH3-1260 LWA
3*300*600 NO ADHESIVE PCA-WH3-6030
3*300*600 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-WH3-6030 SWA
6*600*1200 NO ADHESIVE PCA-WH6-1260
6*600*1200 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-WH6-1260 LWA
6*300*600 NO ADHESIVE PCA-WH6-6030
6*300*600 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-WH6-6030 SWA
10*600*1200 NO ADHESIVE PCA-WH10-1260
Black 3*600*1200 NO ADHESIVE PCA-BK3-1260
3*600*1200 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-BK3-1260 LWA
3*300*600 NO ADHESIVE PCA-BK3-6030
3*300*600 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-BK3-6030 SWA
6*600*1200 NO ADHESIVE PCA-BK6-1260
6*600*1200 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-BK6-1260 LWA
6*300*600 NO ADHESIVE PCA-BK6-6030
6*300*600 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-BK6-6030 SWA
10*600*1200 NO ADHESIVE PCA-BK10-1260
Red 3*600*1200 NO ADHESIVE PCA-R3-1260
3*600*1200 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-R3-1260 LWA
3*300*600 NO ADHESIVE PCA-R3-6030
3*300*600 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-R3-6030 SWA
6*600*1200 NO ADHESIVE PCA-R6-1260
6*600*1200 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-R6-1260 LWA
6*300*600 NO ADHESIVE PCA-R6-6030
6*300*600 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-R6-6030 SWA
Blue 3*600*1200 NO ADHESIVE PCA-BL3-1260
3*600*1200 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-BL3-1260 LWA
3*300*600 NO ADHESIVE PCA-BL3-6030
3*300*600 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-BL3-6030 SWA
6*600*1200 NO ADHESIVE PCA-BL6-1260
6*300*600 NO ADHESIVE PCA-R6-6030
6*300*600 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-R6-6030 SWA
Green 3*600*1200 NO ADHESIVE PCA-GR3-1260
3*600*1200 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-GR3-1260 SWA
3*600*300 NO ADHESIVE PCA-GR3-6030
3*600*300 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-GR3-6030 SWA
6*600*1200 NO ADHESIVE PCA-GR6-1260
6*300*600 NO ADHESIVE PCA-GR6-6030
6*300*600 WITH ADHESIVE PCA-GR6-6030 SWA

Examples of applications include


Signage, trophy plates, cake toppers, awards, ceiling or wall tiles, cut out lettering, model making, stencils, sunglass racks, jewellery cases, cosmetic displays, end-cap displays, accessories, and more...