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Production System P-1

Desktop Metal

Designed to bridge the gap between bench top development and mass production, the Production System™ P-1 is an open platform binder jetting solution for process and materials development as well as serial production of small, complex parts.


The Production System™ P-1 supports both non-reactive and reactive metal powders using the same Single Pass Jetting™ technology leveraged across the Production System family of products, combining mass production-level quality and consistency with enhanced process flexibility to support serial production or direct process transfers to the Production System™ P-50.


Key Production System™ P-1 benefits

▪ Patent pending Single Pass Jetting™ technology enables speeds up to 1,350 cc/hr

▪ Constant wave spreading enhances print bed uniformity and density

▪ Patented anti-ballistics technology drives printhead longevity and part quality

▪ Inert build chamber provides reactive metal support and powder consistency

▪ Real-time optical bed inspection

▪ Open material platform 

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