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monoFab SRM-20 Compact Milling Machine

Roland DG

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Roland DG Compact Milling Machine

As a small milling machine, the Roland DG SRM-20 offers compact size and powerful functionality at an affordable price. Production of realistic parts and prototypes is made simple and convenient with a device that fits into any office, home, or classroom environment. For users looking for advanced milling capabilities without the need for expert operating skills, the SRM-20 is the easiest and most precise CNC mill in its class.


Produce More Prototypes with More Materials


The SRM-20 compact milling machine can mill a broad range of materials, including modeling wax, chemical wood, foam, acrylic, poly acetate, ABS and PC board. The following items are just some of the prototypes and applications made possible:

  • Product inventions 
  • Wax moulds for casting 
  • Tools and machinery 
  • Relief plaques and graphics Vehicle prototypes 
  • Game and model parts 
  • Art and design concepts ...and much more!


The Clean Machine


The SRM-20 has a fully-enclosed cabinet that reduces dust and noise and features a side-window for easy progress viewing. It also features an intelligent safety interlock to that automatically pauses the machine when the cover is opened, permitting milling to resume upon closing the cover and selecting “continue”.



Smart Yet Rugged


The SRM-20 includes the very latest CNC milling features such as airtight sealing technology to prevent waste material from getting inside the spindle and Y-axis, making it resistant to the effects of milling debris and adding durability for long-term operation.


Unmatched Reliability and Technical Support


In addition to highly reliable technology and unmatched customer support, Roland DG offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on the SRM-20. Roland DG OnSupport is also included, giving you access to the latest manuals, drivers, software downloads and updates.


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