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Prytec Advanced Laser Systems


Introducing our brand new range of Prytec CO2 Advanced Laser Systems. High speed, highly versatile machines, bundled with powerful easy-to-use Software. The ideal partner for your business! Whether you are just starting up, looking at speeding up production or expanding your portfolio, a Prytec Advanced Laser System will undoubtedly improve your bottom line! Highest quality components ensure minimal maintenence requirements. Our brand new line of PLS CO2 Complete Laser Solutions exists of 4 models starting from only $13,495 AUD +GST.


60W Laser
700mm x 500mm Bed Size


100W Laser
1,000mm x 600mm Bed Size


130W Laser
1,300mm x 900mm Bed Size


30W Laser
400mm x 300mm Bed Size



Need to be able to engrave materials outside of the standard dimensions? Need to cut/engrave large quantities and want automation? Prytec Solutions is the perfect partner for you.
Contact us if you would like to discuss custom laser solutions.


30W MOPA Fibre
Specifically designed for high speed marking of metal & plastic parts


Prytec Solutions has been in the Laser industry for many years. Our clients are from a large range of industries from General Engravers to Sign Makers, Fabricators, Machine Manufacturers and more.

Our clients continue to purchase equipment and products from us because of our knowledge, service and support.

All our machines can be installed and on-site training provided Australia wide, usually without extra charge.

We are always just a call away, if you have questions or need a hand just let us know.

Advanced CO2 Laser Systems starting from $13,495 AUD +GST. Complete with everything you need!

Custom Laser Solutions available.

Prytec Solutions has chosen to supply our own range of Lasers because of the control we have to install easy-to-use but powerful software, easy control systems and maintain the high quality of our machines. Which includes a 2 year warranty.

We take our work seriously when it comes to training and installation. With every product/machine you purchase from us, we make sure that you understand how the machine and software works, this way you are not limited by lack of knowledge in the product. This allows you to utilise the machine to maximum capacity, streamlining your work.  So let us transfer our knowledge to you.

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