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Roland VersaUV LEC-330 & LEC-540 UV Printer/Cutter

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Roland LEC-330/540

As the world's first UV printer with integrated contour cutting, Roland's DPI award-winning VersaUV LEC series quickly revolutionized the packaging prototype and short-run label industries. For the first time, professionals could print CMYK plus white and clear inks for varnishing and embossing effects on virtually any substrate and then crease, contour cut or perf-cut their designs, all on one device through one seamless workflow.

Available in 30- and 54-inch models, Roland LEC series UV printers use safe, low-heat LED lamps to print on materials ranging from metallic and synthetic papers and foils to BOPP, PE and PET film, even leather and fabrics. VersaUV creates remarkably rich effects including matte and high-gloss finishes in your choice of textures and patterns. Roland ECO-UV inks produce graphics that are easy to handle and can be stretched across curved surfaces and sharp edges without cracking. With VersaUV, your prototypes and comps are so realistic, they are virtually indistinguishable from finished products.

Feature Summary
  • Three models available:
    • 54” LEC-540 – for faster print speeds and seamless production of larger, semi-rigid graphics
    • 30” LEC-330 – high-speed performance and superior image quality, great for production printing of packaging prototypes, labels and specialty graphics
    • ECO-UV inks, available in two formulations:
      • Original ECO-UV for applications requiring clear coat
      • ECO-UV S for added flexibility (CMYK and white only)
        • Stretches up to 220 percent
        • Available in CMYK + White + White configuration only
  • Ink Configuration Options
    • LEC-540/330
      • CMYK+White+Clear
      • CMYK+White+White
      • CMYK+Clear+Clear
  • Prints, contour cuts, perf-cuts and creases designs
  • Layered Clear produces unique textures and finishes including matte and gloss varnish and embossing effects
  • Software drivers available from leading providers of color management and proofing software (CGS, GMG, EFI)
  • Includes Versaworks RIP Software
  • Advanced X-Rite color management tools available
    • Supports hundreds of media options
      • Metallic and synthetic papers, foils, BOPP, PE and PET film and other flexible substrates
      • LEC-540 features front and rear tables to support rigid materials
    • Maximum1440x1440 dpi image quality for fine quality and tiny text
    • Print speeds up to 126 sqft./hr. (LEC-540)
    • Patent-pending intelligent ink circulation system
    • Safe, long-lasting and low-heat LED Lamps
    • Lowest power consumption in its class


    VersaUV is built for versatility. This one-of-a-kind design and production tool opens up profitable applications ranging from package prototypes, color proofs and short-run labels to membrane panels and custom large-format graphics. Support from leading color management companies, including CGS, GMG and EFI, enables an easy, integrated workflow from design to finished print.

    Explore New Markets
    With its ability to print CMYK plus white and clear on a vast range of actual press stocks, the VersaUV LEC series enables you to experiment with unique design options, materials and finishes. This revolutionary production platform is the creative professional's secret weapon for producing superior image quality, contour cutting the most intricate shapes, and adding premium textured accents and finishes that bring your designs to life.

    One-Off Packaging Prototypes
    Thanks to its integrated printing and contour cutting, the Pro 4 XR-640 makes it fast and easy to print and contour cut labels and decals of virtually any shape. For cutting laminated graphics, Roland's Quadralign four-point optical registration system automatically realigns the cutting path and compensates for media skew and distortion.

    Folding Carton Workflow
    1. Start with your choice of stock and your art file
    2. The VersaUV will print, crease and die cut your folding carton
    3. Pop out your prototype and assemble

    Ideal Pre-Press Device
    The VersaUV is a very capable pre-press and proofing device that can save commercial printers the many costs associated with press downtime. In fact, each time a shop has to take a flexo or gravure press offline to print a proof or prototype, significant productivity and profits are lost. Flexo printing even a single proof or comp requires creating plates, adding labor and material costs to the job. The LEC series eliminates these issues for businesses and allows them to keep larger presses online for production. Support for color proofing with CGS ORIS Color Tuner, GMG Color Proof and FlexoProof/Dot Proof and EFI Print Pack 2 for Color Proof XF and Fiery XF RIP is available. With the ability to print directly to many offset, rotogravure and flexo stocks and the ability to simulate UV varnish and embossing, the LEC generates very realistic proofs at a fraction of the cost and time.

    Perfect for Short Run Label Production
    Print CMYK plus white on foils, BOPP, PE, PET film and offset printing stock. Clear coat adds three-dimensional effects. Variable data printing allows you to print a hundred personalized labels _ each with a different name, serial number or artwork. Perfect for prototyping a series of packages or production of custom, high-end wine bottles.

    Membrane Panels
    With the VersaUV, you can print a single membrane panel or several. The LEC accommodates reverse printing of CMYK, then prints white on polycarbonate stocks without the need to create screens for each color.

    Specialty Graphics
    With VersaUV, you can eliminate outsourcing for short production runs as well. In small quantities, you can easily produce truly unique, customized smart phone and notebook skins and other specialty graphics in virtually any shape, size and texture. Production is easy. With VersaUV, there are no plates or film to produce. Simply design on your personal computer, send your file to the printer, and VersaUV does the rest, printing and digitally die-cutting your finished print quickly and easily.

    Custom Large Format Graphics
    In addition to packaging prototypes and short-run labels, the 54" VersaUV LEC-540 is perfect for wide-format graphics. Produce highly customized window graphics, wall wraps, trade show displays and interior décor items.

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