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ROTO-350 4th Axis Rotary Attachment

Roland EGX-30a Desktop Engraver

ROTO-350 4th-Axis Rotary Attachment
For Roland EGX-350

The ROTO-350 is a custom designed attachment for the Roland EGX-350, to enable cylindrical engraving and scribing on a range of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, pewter, crystal and timber. Its intuitive bolt on design allows for simple installation, and has the ability to switch between cylindrical and flat engraving with ease. Expand your engraving capabilities to offer your customers mugs, cups, glassware, canisters and much more.

  • Adds an A (rotary) axis to the EGX-350.
  • 3 axis simultaneous control (X, Z, and A).
  • Engrave cylindrical items up to 110mm in diameter and 300mm in length.
  • 3 tailstock and 2 drive moulds included.

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