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SignLab For VersaWorks

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SignLab For VersaWorks™

A specially configured version of SignLab that sends designs directly to your VersaWorks™ queues and your Roland™ printer. Print quickly and easily to either queue “A” or “B” directly from SignLab. Includes the VersaWorks™ color palette for easy color matchingSignLab for Versa Works with the VersaWorks™ swatch. Also includes all the great bitmap and vector design tools you need, complete professional text composition tools and most importantly, all the sign-specific layout and production tools you need to create signs and wide format graphics. No need to switch back and forth between different bitmap and vector design applications, do it all right from SignLab for VersaWorks™

Key Benefits:

Maximize the investment you have made in your Roland printer- SignLab for VersaWorks is a pre-configured software package that supports the unique features found in many Roland printers and print/cut devices. It provides a simple interface that sends jobs directly into either queue “A” or queue “B” in the VersaWorks RIP software.
Spectacular results using metallic and white inks- NEW! Unique metallic support that enhances photographic images and creates stunning visual effects that is simply not available in other software packages. It also extends the achievable color gamut. Leverage the maximum benefits associated with the new and exciting ink development by Roland™.
SignLab for VersaWorks facilitates production- Design and build your entire sign or graphics in SignLab and then send directly to VersaWorks. No need to export/import multiple times between design and production applications. A seamless and error-proof workflow.

Ideal for:

The signshop or wide format digital print shop that relies on Roland printers and/or print/cut devices that receive their jobs RIP’d by VersaWorks software.

Configured to Work Seamlessly with VersaWorks™

Specifically designed for sign makers using VersaWorks™, you can send print, print and cut jobs to your Roland™ printers and Print and Cut devices. SignLab for VersaWorks™ is essentially an unmatched design and production front-end that sends jobs seamlessly to the VersaWorks™ RIP.

SignLab Version 8 is now also available in a new configuration called SignLab for VersaWorks™ Edition. Specifically designed for sign makers using VersaWorks™ software to send print, print and cut jobs to their Roland™ printers and Print and Cut devices. Essentially an unmatched design and production front-end that sends jobs seamlessly to the VersaWorks™ RIP.
Now you can design and build your entire project in SignLab and send it directly to VersaWorks™.

Incredible Print, Print and Cut Production Tools

Best vectorization on the market. Supersize image also enables you to take graphics directly off the internet and turn them into crisp vectors literally in minutes.
Contour cut: Designed for print and cut solutions, no complex setup for cutting or setting of cut paths.
Automatic on screen color management setting for working with Versaworks™
Fluid Mask™ (Optional add on): An incredibly simple masking tool that easily removes backgrounds or unwanted parts of an image.
Versaworks™ palette included: Easy colour matching with the Versaworks™ swatch (includes built in swatch creation for additional media)
Automatic PDF colour management setting for working with Versaworks™
File > Print to VersaWorks: Print directly to Queue A or B
Automatic PDF colour management for sending out proofs. Customers see the colors you see!
Supersize Image: Unmatched tool for scaling up low resolution images for wide format prints.

Design Features for Digital Printing

  • Over 75 special effects plug-ins for both vector and bitmap images
  • Specific photographic image filters.
  • Complete, professional text composition layout tools including 1100+ fonts
  • Instant Replay: Automatically apply intricately created special effects onto new objects/designs.
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