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Total Solutions Modules Overview

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Total Solution Modules Overview

“Total Solution” modules are unique to SignLab. In many cases, new business opportunities arise from existing customers. Often times, these new opportunities are either turned away due to lack of equipment to address them or sometimes out-sourced to another supplier. Either way the end result is no revenue gained or marginal revenue gained as the “middle-man” in an outsourcing situation.

SignLab Total Solutions modules provide the signmaker with the ability to take advantage of new opportunities. Each individual module facilitates the addition of specific, new software tools required for the design and production associated with these new opportunities. Simply add the new module to your existing SignLab package and the software solution to your new opportunity is resolved and without having to learn a brand new software workflow.

Key Benefits:

  • Add another revenue source from your existing customer base
  • Create additional revenue from new customers
  • Avoid buying and learning a new software application….you already know how to use SignLab, just simply add this new module to it.
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