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Making the move to 3D? Want even more control over the things you create? VCarve brings the third dimension under your control with the ability to import and toolpath a single 3d model.

A complete software package
the complete software solution for CNC routing, sign making, wood carving & engraving.
VCarve provides a powerful but intuitive software solution for cutting parts on a CNC Router. there are tools for 2D design and calculation of 2D and 2.5D toolpaths along with the ability to import and toolpath a single 3D model.
the software can import 2D designs from other programs but also provides a full set of drawing and editing tools. the toolpath options cover all typical 2D routing operations such as profiling, pocketing, auto-inlays and drilling as well as 2.5D strategies such as v-carving, prism carving, moulding toolpaths, fluting and even a decorative texturing strategy.

Benefits of VCarve 9.0
  • Smart Cursor - A much easier way of drawing and aligning objects to geometry.
  • Two Sided Machining - Create two sided jobs and visualise them in the same session.
  • Export to PDF - Export drawings to PDF so that you can print to scale
  • Quick Keys - Adds precision to your shape by allowing typed values while creating geometry.
  • Vector Validator - This feature finds problem vectors such as overlapping contours or intersections that may be preventing toolpath creation.
  • Mirror Mode - Allows you to define a component level so that it mirrors all its components. one way of thinking is that you can place virtual mirrors in the centre of your job, vertically and/or horizontally

Why VCarve?

Drawing & Layout Tools
  • vector shape creation
  • image tracing (vectorization)
  • rulers, snap grid and guidelines
  • import 2D data (dxf, dwg, eps, ai etc.)
  • basic dimensioning
  • vector layout
  • layer management
  • advanced text tools
  • create vector texture
  • other features
  • vector transform & editing

3D Assembly
  • 3D component editing
  • 3D view component manipulation
  • 3D component manager
  • clip art browser
  • free 3D clip art
  • import 3D clip art (v3m) & mesh models (stl, obj, 3dm etc.)

  • material setup
  • high quality toolpath preview
  • fast and efficient profiling
  • precision v-carving
  • raised prism machining
  • fluting toolpaths - ramp in/out
  • efficient texture toolpath
  • wrapped rotary axis toolpaths
  • quick engrave for diamond drag tools
  • 2D production profiling
  • drilling
  • auto-inlay toolpaths
  • estimated machining times
  • toolpath tiling - divides toolpaths to fit material or machine limits
  • toolpath templates
  • form tools - custom shaped cutter profiles
  • production plated engraving

PRO Edition Features
  • no size limit
  • toolpath templates
  • job setup sheets
  • gadgets
  • nesting
  • create merged toolpaths



MELBOURNE (03) 8372 6444
BRISBANE (07) 3103 3858
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