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Who We Are

Prytec Solutions strives in finding the optimum engraving, printing and laser cutting solutions by ensuring the correct machinery and setup is provided to meet the needs of the end user. Prytec Solutions philosophy is to determine and create optimum lifecycle solutions for its customers and therefore provides services and training throughout the customers’ experience. Prytec Solutions have situated themselves in Deer Park industrial estate VIC and have established a show room that enables potential clients to come and trial their work on any of the machines to ensure their requirements are met.

Message from the owner
We work in close partnership with our clients and have shared some amazing journeys together. Some of our clients have grown significantly since our first engagement. We are proud of the real and lasting outcomes for our customers, the benefits realised and the strong personal relationships that still remain. Our team and core beliefs is what makes us who we are. Our organisational values underpin everything that we do. They determine how we approach our work, how we engage with our clients, and ensure that we always strive to do better.

1.    Trust       
We act with integrity, honesty and respect, serving our customers and team.  We build open, honest relationships with our team and clients.
Our clients and team members rely on us to deliver.  Our promise can be depended on.

2.    Passion
We inspire others with our thirst for excellence and our enthusiasm to deliver results.
Passion is contagious. We only get results through people - people must change in order to improve. If they are uninspired they will not take the first step.
We must be strong in our beliefs and be hungry to demonstrate a better way.

3.    Think like a customer
We put ourselves in our client’s shoes, think what is best for the customer.

4.    Determined, Perseverance
We are hungry to learn and to grow our capability. We share our knowledge with our team, partners and clients.
We must never stop learning to remain relevant and to be the best that we can be.
We have a thirst for knowledge and seek a better way.

5.    Spirited, cheeky fun.
We have fun, work hard and create teaming environment that ensures we work together and with our clients in a harmonious manor.

Awards & Recognition
We are honoured to have had some great recognition over the years of our achievements both as a business and for our clients.

Roland DG Australia Engraver Dealer of the year
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  • 2015
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